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The South African Dental Association NPC (“SADA”)

Notice is hereby given by the SADA Board of Directors that a Special General Meeting of Members (SGM) of The South African Dental Association (SADA) NPC, will be held on Thursday 7 December 2023  at 18h00, which will be held via SADA’s Zoom virtual meeting

(Due to the virtual meeting, member participation will be facilitated through the Zoom platform of the meeting. To allow for the confirmation of a quorum, members are kindly requested to join the virtual meeting no later than 17h45 to avoid delaying the meeting).

This document is important and requires your immediate attention. Your attention is drawn to the notes at the end of this Notice, which contains important information with regard to participation in the Special General Meeting (“SGM” or “Special General Meeting”) electronically.

The board of directors of SADA (“the Board”) has determined, in accordance with section 59 of the Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008 (“the Act”), that the record date by when persons must be recorded as voting members in order to be entitled to receive this Notice is 1 March 2023. The record date is noted in order for members to be able to attend, participate in and vote at the AGM is 1 March 2023.

The purpose of the Special General Meeting is limited to the following special business to be considered:


1.          Opening and Welcome

2.          Greetings

3.          Apologies

4.          Ordinary Resolution

5.          Vote of thanks

6.          Closure

Please download the full Notice.

Please download the Proxy Form.


All eligible SADA members are entitled to attend the meeting. As stated above the record date of 1 March 2023, will for the purposes of the meeting, determine who the eligible members are.

Any eligible member, who is unable to attend the meeting, may submit their questions and comments via e-mail for attention Dr N Osman, SADA Chairperson c/o Ms Noma Nkiwane at e-mail address or before the date of the meeting so that a consolidated feedback may be given at the meeting.

Dr. N Osman
Chairperson SADA Board


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