Dentistry Development Foundation Trust (DDFT)



The DDFT aims to foster, commission and finance dental research by providing grants for the study and development of dentistry. This includes all aspects but, in particular, research into and the study and development of generally accepted dental practices and standards of dental practice as well as related matters and any activity in the field of natural or applied science. The ultimate objective in this regard is to extend the knowledge of the profession and prioritise education for the benefit of sciences allied to the dental profession in South Africa.

Financial assistance can take the form of grants or sponsorships for arranging congresses, conferences, lectures, meetings, symposia, public education programmes, seminars for the study, definition or improvement of dental practices or such other activity in the field of dental, natural or applied science for the extension of knowledge.

Rules of the DDF Trust require that only individuals who are currently members (of any category) of the South African Dental Association (SADA) and who have been members for at least two years immediately prior to the date of the application for a research grant will have applications reviewed.