Who are the YDC and the Benefits of Being Involved?

The YDC are an enthusiastic, committed and concerned group of Young dentists working together, to nurture a brighter future.

It would be very simplistic though to assume that one sentence could fully describe something like this. It would be like asking you to describe yourself fully in 14 words.

So our mission statement is just a summary of what we are, and what we aim to do. We all want to be a part of a brighter future, and among practitioners under the age of 35 years, there are definitely a few bright sparks waiting to light up the future of our chosen profession. Being under the age of 35 years slots you comfortably within the Vision that the YDC has. The perfect fit. It is always easy to spot problems in the way things are. It does, however, take a special kind of mind and thinking to put forward positive solutions and, thereafter, work at implementing them.

The YDC is essentially a brain trust of such thinkers and doers, who analyze difficulties facing the younger members of SADA and then look at ways to solve the problem

As with all brain trusts it is imperative that new thinkers contribute regularly so as to keep the YDC dynamic, fresh and relevant in a constantly changing dental ecosystem. That is why the tenure of each council is for two years. Every two years young, active members within the respective branches, are nominated to stand for election to serve on the council.

The following documentation is available for easy access:

2017 YDC Office Bearers

Dr. P Mathai
Vice President & Secretary:
Dr. Y Rampersadh
Mentorship Stream Leader:
Dr. JC Krynauw
Roadshows Stream Leader:
Dr. B Sukha
Communications Stream Leader:
Dr. Y Lindy
Exco Members:
Dr. J Claasen
Dr. V Bhika
Dr. B Vava
Dr. R Dyason
Dr. G Erlank
Dr. VN Seropa
Dr. C-R Van Apeldoorn
Dr. M Grobelaar