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This extensive integrated Relative Value Unit (RVU) coding publication is the first of its kind in South Africa a single hard copy will be supplied to all SADA members free of charge. Stakeholders in the Oral Health industry will also receive a copy.

The publication is printed in hard copy format every three years. Online downloadable versions are available after the hard copy printing and distribution, with updates being made available as and when required between hard copy runs.

This A4 sized 200+ page publication is essential when invoicing patients, and schemes for oral health procedures.

SADA are the custodians of dental coding: procedure coding, numbering and terminology, interpretation, guidelines and usage rules vs funder’s rules coding.

There are full page advertising opportunities with direct relation to the following sections within oral health care at a cost of R65 000 (Excl VAT) per section

Diagnostics Preventive
Oral Medicine and Periodontics Removable Prosthodontics
Maxillofacial Procedures Implants
Fixed Prosthodontics Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Orthodontics Supplementary
Oral Hygienists Coding List Dental Materials
Numeric Coding List Alphabetical Coding List
Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover each R72 000 (Excl VAT)
Outside Back Cover R88 000 (Excl VAT)