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Oral Health Team Defined

You are advised to discuss all aspects of fees with your Dentist prior to commencement of treatment.

Should your dentist suggest treatment you are quite at liberty to ask for a written quotation before commencing treatment.

Patients are fully responsible for payment of fees even if they belong to a Medical Scheme.

In certain circumstances, such as the treatment of minors, it is your duty to inform your dentist of the name of the person responsible for the payment of the account.

Yes you are. The laboratory account is submitted by the dental technician to your dentist, who will invoice you accordingly. The charge from the laboratory is at cost and is payable to the dentist. A copy of the laboratory account must be included with your statement from the dentist. If you are unsure as to why you have received a laboratory account you should contact your dentist’s office for an explanation.

The dentist is entitled to levy a charge should you or any member of your family inadvertently miss a dental appointment. This charge may vary according to the time which was set aside for that appointment.

Should you or any member of your family be unable to keep an appointment, kindly cancel in good time as a consideration to your dental team. Failure to cancel within a reasonable period of time may incur a charge. It’s best to talk to your dental team about this.

Everyone is entitled to a second opinion. You will of course be charged by the second dentist for the consultation. The professional fee from the second dentist will be your responsibility.

Yes you may request a copy of your records and any treatment plan which your dentist has against your record. You may be levied a charge for copies. It is best to discuss this requirement with your dental team.

Infection control is of prime importance in any dental operatory and your dental team takes every precaution to maintain the sterility of equipments and instruments used. Gloves and masks are used for your protection as well as that of the dentist and staff. Infection control is charged as a nominal fee with a pre-determined ICD-10 coding on your account.

Dentistry is a highly specialized profession and you are not expected to understand all procedures. This is why it is of great importance, for your own peace of mind, that you speak to your dental team to establish good communication and a happy treatment relationship.

If you or any member of your family have a query with the service rendered, an account received, a quotation or the understanding of a procedure or treatment plan, or anything else within the dental office, speak to your dentist about it.