Oral Health Team Defined

To assist you in making an informed choice regarding your future career interest we introduce the dental health team below. All of the members of the dental team contribute to the well being of your oral health. Each and every member of the team plays a vital role in preventive dentistry and it should be remembered that this team has been created in your best interests.

Your dentist is the most important member of the dental team and is the first person to examine your mouth including teeth, gums, tongue and the soft tissue lining. Your dentist is able to diagnose cavities and possible problem areas such as gum disease, crooked teeth, cancer of the mouth and other medical conditions which may present oral symptoms.

Dentists are able to fill and repair most teeth damaged by decay, replacing missing teeth and treat gum disorders. In order to aid diagnosis, your dentist may have to rely on various diagnostic procedures, such as X-rays or models of your mouth. By treating early signs of disease they are able to prevent the further development of problems.