National Council

National Council is the elected representative body of the members, consisting of 30 councillors from 11 branches.

The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to maintain an overview of the composition of the Board of Directors and the Board subcommittees and to ensure that the Board and its subcommittees collectively provide the expertise and experience required for the governance of SADA, as determined by the Memorandum of Incorporation and the Board Charter.

The Nominations Committee leads the process of selection of the most suitable candidate or candidates for appointment to the Board and its subcommittees and makes recommendations to the Board and the National Council as regards plans for succession for Non-Executive Directors and subcommittee members.

Name Representative of Branch
Dr JP van Zyl Algoa Midlands
Vacant Algoa Midlands
Dr SM Mogafe Border Kei (President)
Vacant Border Kei
Dr FC Meyer Free State
Dr KB Appollis Free State
Dr PD Moipolai Gauteng South (SADA President)
Dr F Mansoor Gauteng South
Dr R Reddy Gauteng South
Dr D Naranbhai Gauteng South
Dr P Mathai Gauteng South
Dr S Sultan KwaZulu Natal
Dr R Perold KwaZulu Natal
Dr R Naidoo KwaZulu Natal (President)
Dr M dos Santos Limpopo (President)
Dr J Willemse Limpopo
Dr JH de Jager Mpumalanga (President)
Dr TCN Buleni Mpumalanga
Dr MA Belim Northern Cape
Dr I Ahmed Northern Cape (President)
Dr A Julius North West
Dr G van Rensburg North West (President)
Dr TM Kgokolo Pretoria
Dr JV Omar Pretoria
Dr S Erasmus Pretoria (President)
Dr Dirk Smit Western Cape
Dr Linton Brown Western Cape
Dr Jeremy Somers Western Cape
Dr B Beilinsohn Western Cape
Dr R Vermeulen Western Cape (President)