About the SADA Seal of Approval Programme

What is the SADA Seal of Approval?

SADA Seal of Approval (SOA) is issued by the SADA Seal of Approval Panel (SOA Panel) and indicates the acceptance of a product, following considerations of an application in accordance with this programme, as being generally safe and of benefit when used by those for whom it is indicated in accordance with the applicant’s recommendations and under reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. It also implies that the claims made by the applicant are justified and based on sound evidence.

  • SOA will not be taken to mean that the SOA Panel and/or SADA is expressing a view on the value of the product to the individual nor on its value for money;
  • Where products are subject to a Statutory Scheme, any assessment of an application will take into account findings relating to safety, quality or efficacy made under such a regulatory scheme.
  • Subject to the provisions of the programme, once a product has been formally approved by the SOA Panel, applicants may use the SOA statement and logo on their packaging and other promotional material. All packaging and promotional material of an approved product, whether or not it bears SADA’s name or logo, must comply with the Code for Advertising and Marketing as described in this document;
  • A product in this programme refers to “a unique product formulation or design or a group of product formulations or designs produced by the same applicant which, in the opinion of the SOA Panel, do not differ materially”.
  • The Seal of Approval Panel (‘SOA Panel’) formed by SADA will approve products in defined categories.
  • The SAO Panel also determines the safety, quality and efficacy as well as disseminates information on products, materials and equipment that are offered to the public or the profession and further critically evaluate statements of efficacy and advertising claims.
  • Applicants are invited to apply for SOA of products by clicking here to download application forms and a guidelines pack


The objectives of accreditation are;

  • to assist the consumer and dental health professionals in the choice of safe products of reliable quality and effectiveness which perform in accordance with the applicants claims;
  • to encourage research and development into the manufacture of products which promote oral health and high standards in dentistry;
  • to improve the quality of information available to users regarding oral health care issues.